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Laiwu coal machine two industry standard promulgation and Implementation - four column hydraulic press

2018/5/24 19:27:28

Recently, the industry standard JB/T13199-2017 "Heavy medium shallow trough separator" and the industry standard JB/T13198-2017 "Cyclic semi-mobile crushing station" formulated by the Shandong Energy Heavy Loading Group Laiwu Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. were issued and implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, filling the heavy medium shallow trough separator and the cyclonic semi-mobile crushing station. The production enterprises of crushing stations have no domestic blank of industry standards, which provides the domestic production enterprises with operable recommended product standards.

It is understood that the heavy medium shallow trough separator is a separation equipment, mainly used for the separation of raw coal, ore, slag and other materials. Suitable for washing operation, generally divided into Open-pit Coal Preparation Plant operation, coal mine underground working face operation two configuration. When the equipment is used in underground work, the gas and coal dust in the surrounding air should not exceed the concentration stipulated in "Coal Mine Safety Regulations".

Cyclic semi-mobile crushing station is suitable for crushing of materials with compressive strength less than 300 MPa in mining, water conservancy, building materials and other departments. The feeding mode adopts direct dumping mode with processing capacity greater than 1000 t/h. It can realize rapid disassembly and modular disassembly and assembly in the moving process, and can be realized by auxiliary equipment. Now modular transport.

According to statistics, up to now, Laiwu Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. has presided over the formulation of 1 National standard, 7 industry standards; participated in the formulation of 3 National standards, 8 industry standards, drafting higher than the national standards of 23 enterprise product standards.

(Miao Chengbiao Zhao Yunxiang)

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